DIY Herringbone Rug.

I was super pumped about this project and even more pumped about how it turned out! Remember Aidan’s room design board? I’ve wanted a black and white rug for a while and it seemed fitting to have one in little A’s room. I noticed I was drawn to the herringbone pattern whenever I looked at sites like Pinterest or Houzz {they have such fab ideas!}.  Since I’m trying to complete his room on a tight budget, I really didn’t want to shell out a lot of money for another rug {Luke always jokes what we have waaaaaaay too many rugs in this hizzle. I think we have the perfect amount ;)}.
This is the rug I was eyeing:
{via Amazon. $165!}

Well $165 was definitely not going to fit in the budget! I remembered that I had this rug just sitting in a closet.
IMG_7161 I had purchased it from Lands End during their mega clearance event a few years ago for $40? We had it in our living room for a while before I switched it out for a heavier duty rug. This is a pretty big rug, 6×8+more I believe? I had it stored away because 1) the pattern was blending into our carpet and wasn’t working in any of our rooms and 2) it was pretty flimsy. Since we weren’t using it anyway, I thought why not make my own herringbone rug!

>>>What you’ll need<<<
–Foam paint brush
–Black paint
–Fabric medium
–Painter’s tape

1. Lay your rug on a flat surface and measure out how long you’d like each pattern. I found it was easiest to fold the rug in half, mark that, and then proceed to fold it in half again for the next row. Then tape along your lightly marked lines.
IMG_7162Next measure out how wide you’d like each herringbone. My rug was 99″ long so I figured each pattern will be 10″ wide{ish}. It didn’t come out perfectly even but close enough.  
IMG_7165Then connect the dot marks with tape. You can clearly see below that my measurements were off and therefore I was left with a totally uneven pattern at the top. It may have been due to BOTH my little creatures refusing to nap that afternoon…can we say “distracted”?
IMG_7166This is after I removed allllll the tape, remeasured, and taped again. I placed tape dots on the areas that were to be painted so I wouldn’t get confused.
{yes I devoured Cheetos during this entire project}
IMG_7171As you can see I used leftover black latex paint mixed with fabric medium. 2:1 ratio I think.
IMG_7172This is what it looked like after the first round of painting:
IMG_7175Then re-tape by connected the angles together. Make sure you place the long tape lines over your painted area or else you’ll end up with an unpainted space. Does that make sense? Sorry I didn’t get a picture of this. Bad blogger, I know. Can I blame my children for distracting me?

The final result!
IMG_7176I can’t wait to show you what it looks like in Aidan’s room. Soon, very soon ;). A plus to painting this rug is that the paint adds some extra weight to it, so it’s not as flimsy anymore. If you’re wondering if the paint bled through, it didn’t! I can still use the other side if I want to in the future. Want to hear the best news of all? This entire project cost me a mere $5 {for the fabric medium}. Holla.

Have you stenciled or painted a rug before? Tell me about it!



your comments make my day! thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Herringbone Rug.”

  1. I’m so glad I found this! I’m trying to revamp an old rug and this was exactly what I needed. Thanks for the great tips! (They’re still awesome despite those always distracting little ones.)

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